Gwinnett history book in second printing

Previously out of print, Elliott Brack's 850-page history, "Gwinnett: A Little Above Atlanta," is now available again. Since its original publication, the book was declared the winner of the 2010 Award of Excellence for documenting Georgia history by the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Board. It is also the winner of the Gwinnett Historical Society's Whitworth-Flanigan Award for 2011 for preserving the history of Gwinnett County.

The book includes 143 demographic and historic tables, with more than 4,000 names in the index, and 10,000 names in the appendix.

Two versions of the book are available. The hardback edition is priced at $75, while a softback edition is $40. Books are available at:

  • Atlanta History Center, Atlanta
  • Books for Less, Buford
  • Gwinnett Historical Society, Lawrenceville
  • Parsons Gifts and Cards, Duluth
  • Vargas and Harbin Gallery, Norcross

You can also order books through the Internet. To do that, go to to place your order. For mail orders, there is a $5 shipping and handling fee. Purchases are also subject to the 6 percent Georgia sales tax.

Gwinnett: A Little Above Atlanta



A "must-have" book

"For all having an interest in Gwinnett County history, particularly since 1950, Elliott Brack's book, Gwinnett: A Little Above Atlanta, is a must-have. Informative and enlightening, it gives the origin and development of all the major governmental agencies and a picture of the business community as well a highlighting those persons who made it happen. Elliott's book, containing little known facts and long forgotten stories, explaining the phenomenal growth of one of the fastest growing counties in the nation will be read and quoted for years to come."

-- Veteran Lawrenceville Attorney Jones Webb.

A comprehensive look at Gwinnett

"Elliott Brack's Gwinnett: A Little Above Atlanta tackles the growth of the fastest growing of Atlanta¹s metro counties. From its earliest settlers to the thriving, diverse population of the 21st century, Brack's history provides a comprehensive look at how this wide-spread county developed. He captures the colorful personalities of the county¹s movers and shakers, providing an in-depth look at the influences that shaped Gwinnett from its remarkable men and women, including Scott Hudgens, the Mason brothers, Wayne Shackelford, Alice McCabe, and more. With select first-person narratives, the county¹s history comes alive.

"Yet this book, designed to be a resource rather than a 'read-thru'history, also provides plenty of detail on the development of the county's cities, schools, roads, water and sewer system, hospitals, churches, civic groups, community improvement districts, and more. The book tracks how the county evolved from an outlaw image of the 1950s into a technology incubator in the 1970s, with many more developments as time moves along to the 2000s. An extensive Appendix collects an astounding array of historic information not found in one volume anywhere else. This book will prove to be a 'must have'for native Gwinnettians, newcomers and those from outside the county interested in what happened here this century."

-- Wayne Sikes of Snellville, chairman of the Gwinnett Hospital Authority

Book taught me a lot

If you want to know how Gwinnett County came to be what it is today, you'll
need to read Elliott Brack's history on the county, "Gwinnett: A
Little Above Atlanta
" As a native of Lawrenceville, I learned of
stories in the book that I had never heard before, such as how the
courthouse fence was once taken down, and about the early growth of
many of the communities. I thought I knew a lot about Gwinnett from
being with the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce for 37 years, but this
book taught me a lot. It'll be a valuable resource for ages to come.

-- Patsy Rooks, former executive assistant to the Chamber president.



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