Gwinnett history book in second printing

Previously out of print, Elliott Brack's 850-page history, "Gwinnett: A Little Above Atlanta," is now available again. Since its original publication, the book was declared the winner of the 2010 Award of Excellence for documenting Georgia history by the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Board. It is also the winner of the Gwinnett Historical Society's Whitworth-Flanigan Award for 2011 for preserving the history of Gwinnett County.

The book includes 143 demographic and historic tables, with more than 4,000 names in the index, and 10,000 names in the appendix.

Two versions of the book are available. The hardback edition is priced at $75, while a softback edition is $40. Books are available at:

  • Atlanta History Center, Atlanta
  • Books for Less, Buford
  • Gwinnett Historical Society, Lawrenceville
  • Parsons Gifts and Cards, Duluth
  • Vargas and Harbin Gallery, Norcross

You can also order books through the Internet. To do that, go to to place your order. For mail orders, there is a $5 shipping and handling fee. Purchases are also subject to the 6 percent Georgia sales tax.

Gwinnett: A Little Above Atlanta

Dedication and Preface



"Having an interest in Gwinnett County history, particularly since 1950, Elliott Brack's book, Gwinnett: A Little Above Atlanta, is a must have.

"Informative and enlightening, it gives the origin and development of the all the major governmental agencies and a picture of the business community as well a highlighting those persons who made it happen. Elliott's book, containing little known facts and long forgotten stories, explaining the phenomenal growth of one of the fastest growing counties in the nation will be read and quoted for years to come."

-- Lawrenceville attorney Jones Webb

Chapter 1: Those Who Made a Difference

Scott Hudgens
Hudgens in World War II
Alice Strickland
Rhodes Jordan
The Mason Brothers
John D. Stephens
The Williams Brothers
Mary Alice Juhan
Three Parsons Girls
Alice McCabe
Wayne Shackelford
Mary and David Kistner
William C. O'Kelley
Beauty Poole Baldwin

Chapter 2: Early History of the County

1733: The setting as Georgia is founded
1818: Gwinnett founded
About Button Gwinnett
Other early settlements
All those Peachtree Streets began in Gwinnett
Early churches
Civil War times around Gwinnett
The coming of the railroads
Oldest city in Metro Atlanta
Why Buford became so important
How Gwinnett towns got their names

Chapter 3: From 1900 to 1950

Why half a bridge at Jones Bridge?
Gwinnett's tie to early country music
Gwinnett's first hospital
Buford hospitals
How Lake Lanier came about
Major changes for Lawrenceville
E.R. Snell, Contractor

Chapter 4: From 1950 to 1970

Perception of Gwinnett changes
Three policemen killed
Gwinnett's tie to the poultry industry
Gwinnett becomes a major part of the region
RC&D project provides benefits
Alcohol and the Gwinnett water system
Evil spirits
Early Gwinnett entrepreneur
One failed project: Merchandise Mart
Structural changes in government
Early growth rises from distribution
Early sporting activities
Sugarloaf Golf Classic
Playgrounds at opposite ends of county
Subdivisions spring up
Veteran realtor's view
Few mobile homes in county
Prolonged rapid growth

Chapter 5: From 1970 to `80

County-wide fire protection
Sewering the county
Innovative authority financing
Creating a recreation district
"Friendly" poker game is big news
Briscoe Field Airport
Keeping engineers in Georgia
A new day for Gwinnett industry
High-tech comes to Gwinnett
A new dimension: modems
National Football League comes to Gwinnett
Mountain Park gets a community center
Serving youth
Simpsonwood Conference Center
Modern medical facilities

Chapter 6: From 1980-1990

Four major changes in one year
How Gwinnett got its courthouses
Gwinnettians value their libraries
A clean county is a better county
The New York trip-a bond adventure
Council for Quality Growth
Downtown development authorities
Gwinnett gets its own foundation

Chapter 7: From 1990 to 2000

The arts in Gwinnett
The arts rejuvenate Buford
Gwinnett gets its own Civic Center
Charitable groups serve Gwinnett
Gwinnett gets hospice
Medical clinics
Public Health Clinics
Food co-ops
Fallen Heroes Memorial

Chapter 8: From 2000 to 2008

Gwinnett lands a medical school
Public transit
Community Improvement Districts
Four-year college
Banking undergoes continued changes
Minor league baseball

Chapter 9: School Systems

Schools are a major attraction
Innovation in school construction
Independent system in Buford
Private schools within Gwinnett

Chapter 10: Working Together

Chamber of Commerce a catalyst
Five leadership programs
Gwinnett Historical Society
Historical groups and museums
Service Clubs
United Peachtree Corners Civic Association
Business Clubs
Woman's Clubs

Chapter 11: How, Why, When and Where It¹s Going

How, Why, When and Where It's Going
Why Gwinnett grew
Dramatic change: diversity
BAPS Hindu Mandir (Temple) in Lilburn
Diversity in the Media
Diversity in Politics
Diversity in local restaurants
Diversity in labor
What makes Gwinnett unique?
Something Extra
More Gwinnett Vignettes
Looking forward: will growth ever end?

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Community and Volunteer Leaders
Financial Data
School Data
Civic Clubs
Other Interesting Facts

Annual Calendar of Events in Gwinnett



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